What Skin Concerns Can be Addressed with Plasma Skin Resurfacing?


At Vein & Body Specialists, Dr. David West and our team strive every day to redefine our patients' expectations for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. One treatment we're excited to offer is Opus Plasma® skin resurfacing, a powerful, noninvasive solution for a wide range of common skin concerns, from wrinkles to acne scars. If you're unhappy with the look or feel of your skin, we invite you to learn more about how plasma skin resurfacing at our Bellevue, OH med spa can help.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are almost inevitable as your skin ages, creating a more tired, worn-down look. Opus Plasma skin treatments help remove these signs of aging with precision, stimulating the skin's natural healing process. This not only smooths out existing lines and wrinkles but also promotes the production of collagen and elastin, crucial proteins that maintain the skin's firmness and elasticity. The result? A smoother, more youthful complexion that radiates from within.

Dull or uneven skin tone

A radiant, even skin tone is a hallmark of youth and health. Over the years, sun exposure, environmental factors, and the natural aging process can all contribute to dull, spotty skin. Plasma skin resurfacing excels in revitalizing lifeless skin and correcting uneven skin tones. It works by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin. This process not only brightens the complexion but also evens out skin tone, reducing the appearance of age spots, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation.

Roughness and scarring

The scars left behind by old wounds can lead to rough, pitted, or raised skin, causing pain and embarrassment even long after the injury has healed. Opus Plasma skin treatments in Bellevue, OH offer a powerful solution for these problems, smoothing out the skin's surface to reduce the appearance of scars and roughness. The radiofrequency (RF) energy encourages skin renewal, leading to a softer, more uniform skin texture. Those who have struggled with acne scars or rough skin textures can find this treatment to be a game-changer, often expressing delight at the smoothness and clarity of their skin post-treatment.

Where can Opus Plasma skin resurfacing be used?

Plasma skin resurfacing isn't limited to just the face. This innovative treatment is great for the neck, arms, hands, and other areas prone to fine lines and loose skin. Its precision allows for the precise treatment of specific concerns, making it a versatile option for those looking to enhance their overall skin appearance. Whether it's improving the texture of your hands or addressing skin laxity on the neck or stomach, Opus Plasma can provide a tailored approach to help meet your unique skin rejuvenation needs.

Explore the latest in anti-aging treatments

If you're considering giving your skin a refresh, then Opus Plasma skin resurfacing might be just the answer you need. Offering convenience and versatility, this powerful skin rejuvenation treatment can deliver a broad spectrum of benefits for the health and appearance of your complexion. Whether you want to smooth fine lines and wrinkles or restore your skin's touchably soft feel, Dr. David West and the team at Vein & Body Specialists are here to guide you through the possibilities. Contact us at our Bellevue, OH med spa to get started.

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